Blah! to the House of Commons

The organisation responsible for protecting the country against covertly organised threats to national security is on the warpath for Captain Sensible.

As one of the originators of the UK punk scene back in the 70s, the politically minded Captain Sensible decided to make his feelings known once and for all – by projecting a massive ‘Blah!’ onto the side of the Houses of Parliament last Sunday night (October 15th).

The maverick punk rocker and his mates managed to pull off a military style operation – by hauling a six-foot projector onto Westminster Bridge, disguising the generator as a works van, timing the city guards’ patrol rota and even evading the massive CCTV network in the area.

He would have got away with it if it weren’t for his trademark red beret and white-blond hair, and now the red-faced national security intelligence agency wants to question him on his breach of security around Westminster.

Once the projection hit, the blue lights came streaming in on both sides of the river – but it was too late. The Blah! logo had already appeared, and the nighttime traffic had come to a complete standstill.

“It was carnage,” says Lee Goater of London. “There were flashbulbs going off everywhere – all the tourists wanted to capture it on their cameras. The traffic came to a standstill on the bridge. Everyone was laughing. Nice one, whoever pulled this one off.”

Maybe Captain Sensible should project Blah onto the famous MI5 building next!

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