Don’t blame the immigrants!

Having a fairly large online presence I come into daily contact with a multitude of characters with differing views and beliefs. The other day I had a conversation with an American pro-gun activist, I’ve had numerous conversations with dedicated (and often borderline obsessive) Justin Bieber fans, and rival football and baseball fans. I always enjoy a good healthy debate.


For every 100 decent and tolerant members of society there’s always one purple-headed-womb-broom who has racist, fascist views and opinions of religious hatred. These miscreants I don’t have time for.

Most of the neo-fascist twatsicles take everything they read in the Daily Mail, from the BNP and the English Defence League as gospel. They’re all scaremongering for no other reason than to sell papers, gain votes or to get a fight (most English Defecation League members are football hooligans anyway!).

There is one individual in my Facebook friends list who, on a daily basis, posts links to fascist articles from the BNP website on his Facebook wall. These inevitably end up on my Newsfeed. Today he commented on one of my posts, he said:

“The British are almost second class citizens in their own country where foreigners have more rights than them…. I am proud to be anti muslim in particular and would send every immigrant from the middle east back home. You lot must be blind to not see how Britain is being destroyed by foreigners!!” 

This man is a British ex-pat living in Australia. It is not possible to be any more hypocritical if you tried! He wants all foreigners to leave Britain yet he quite happily lives in a foreign country himself.  Why is it OK for English people to move to Australia or elsewhere but heaven forbid Johnny Foreigner from moving to the UK. Damn hypocrite!

So let’s get a few facts straight…

Don’t blame the immigrants!

Immigrants aren’t to blame for the woes of our country.

Taking my hometown as an example, there’d be very few NHS doctors if it weren’t for Muslim or Asian immigrants. We’d have very few dentists if it weren’t for Polish immigrants, we’d have few dustbin men if it weren’t for Iraqi, Lithuanian and Polish immigrants. The Daily Mail will have you believe that Brits are unemployed because Johnny Foreigner is taking our jobs when in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Most Brits won’t take jobs as street cleaners or refuse collectors because they consider the jobs to be “too menial” while many Brits won’t consider becoming doctors and dentists because “it takes too long to qualify”.

How can foreigners be destroying our country? Last time I checked the Government was made up of British Members of Parliament and our councils are largely made up of British councillors. These are the people who are responsible for all the laws and policies in the UK. Not immigrants.

You want someone to blame for the problems in this country? Blame the corrupt Government officials, bankers and scaremongering journalists! Not immigrants.

There’s no place for xenophobia in our country – or anywhere else in the world, racists are just uneducated buffoons who are the scourge of society.