The Lawman Legacy

I Shot the Sheriff – a Western film project

Three years ago I had an idea. It was a great idea. Although it remained just an idea. It’s no longer an idea. Shall I just get straight to the point? I’m writing a movie, a big movie, a western movie. It will cost a lot of money to make. Am I ready for it? Hell yes!

The idea behind the film was from a song I’ve loved for a long time, it’s also one of my wife’s favourite songs from my favourite singer. Garth Brooks. The song, ‘In Lonesome Dove’, is based on a Texas sheriff who is killed by a gang of outlaws and his son grows up to become the new lawman in town and gets his revenge. That’s it in a nutshell. But turning a three minute song into a 100 minute western movie isn’t the easiest of tasks. A task I’m very much loving though. I’m currently around 20 pages into the movie, I’ve shown a few people what I’ve done so far and they all seem to love it. Now is that genuine love for the script or are they just paying me lip service? Only time will tell.

Another of the several movies I’m involved in, ‘The Screaming Woods‘, goes back into production very soon. We’ve shot around 45 minutes of the movie already with the rest being shot in the next couple of months. A found footage style paranormal movie. We’re hoping it will be quite a scary movie and it will be starring yours truly, one of the biggest acting gigs I’ve ever done. Apart from masturbating in a movie that ended up on Amazon Prime – but we don’t talk about that one!

Add The History Guys TV series to the mix and it’s a very busy year.

The History Guys

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Christmas Slay

Dying for Christmas!

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Listening to Lightning!

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