Bikini Nazi Jäger der Untoten

Feature Film shooting Summer 2024

Bikini Nazi Jäger der Untoten (Bikini Nazi Hunters of the Undead) is a rude, crude Grindhouse, Exploitation movie. Inspired by legendary directors Rob Zombie and Eli Roth and their fake Grindhouse trailers Werewolf Women of the SS and Thankgiving, and Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma movies. Not for the faint hearted.

In the dense forests high up in the Balkans a production team is shooting a low budget Bikini Girls with Guns cable show. They accidentally stumble upon a long-forgotten German bunker and unwittingly unleash its evil secrets that a crack team of SAS soldiers with impeccable moustaches in 1945 had hoped would never be released.

Role: Co-Producer/Cinematographer/Actor
Production Company: Evil Goat Productions / Kent Independent Film / TwentyThree Studios
Distribution: TBC
Provisionally Summer 2025