Wheatus: You Might Die

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In the past fortnight I’ve have the incredible privilege to be part of the film crew to shoot two WHEATUS gigs, one in Margate and one in Milton Keynes.

In August I was asked by filmmaker AD LANE if I’d like to join the crew to shoot the gigs, an amazing honour to be asked and an opportunity I grabbed with both hands.

On this UK tour Wheatus fans were treat with performances by FOUR acts, The Ventura Project, Gabrielle Sterbenz, MC Lars and of course Wheatus. All were incredible in their own right, especially Gabrielle whose vocals are simply amazing.

The Margate gig may go down in history as one of the more memorable gigs for all the wrong reasons. This year ONE DIRECTION have been covering Wheatus’ TEENAGE DIRTBAG in all their concerts so Wheatus have reciprocated by performing WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL. This didn’t go down too well with one audience member in Margate who took exception to their rendition of the One Direction song and assaulted the lead singer Brendan by charging the stage and dragging him into the crowd. The rest of the band then got involved with drummer Will punching the idiot and unfortunately one member of the audience was injured and taken to hospital. Despite the unfortunate incident the rest of the gig went very well and we later heard that the injured guy is recovering well, thankfully.

While at the Margate gig Wheatus performed one of the tracks from their new Valentine album – FOURTEEN – and as a special birthday present for Brendan (he was 40 on 11th October) AD Lane has created the new official music video for Fourteen using footage from the night.

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