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I’m Gary and I’m a filmmaker, presenter, occasional actor and writer based in the UK. Here on this site you’ll find out about all of the things I’ve been or am currently working on including links to where you can see or read the projects I’ve completed.

Current Projects

The History Guys

TV Series

Join us as we embark on a fun fact-finding mission to explore the fascinating history of some of the world’s amazing towns and cities.

End of the Line


Humanity has fallen. Daniel Garner and his childhood friend Jim Marshall must navigate across a nightmare Britain where the undead roam.

The Lawman Legacy

Feature Film

Loosely based on a well known song, The Lawman Legacy is an intense drama set in the Wild West.


Life Imitates Art

Life Imitating Art

It has been the strangest of times recently. I say recently but I actually mean for over a year the world has turned upside down. Life imitating art. Has the world been reading Stephen King's The Stand?

I Shot the Sheriff

Three years ago I had an idea. It was a great idea. Although it remained just an idea. It's no longer an idea. Shall I just get straight to the point? I'm writing a movie, a big movie, it will cost a lot of money to make. Am I ready for it? Hell yes!

Homesick for Haddock – Why I love Grimsby

I was born and raised in Grimsby. That's not something most Grimbarians would be proud of saying but I love my hometown even though I no longer live there. Let me explain what's so great about Grimsby from an exile's point of view.