A frustratingly unproductive day

Today was supposed to be a busy day. An exciting and productive day. Unfortunately things didn’t go exactly to plan.

On Tuesday evening we (myself and my friend, the film director Steve Davis) were frantically trying to book foot passenger tickets for a ferry across the English Channel. The plan was to spend Wednesday in Calais looking at remaining parts of the Atlantic Wall, in particular the Battery Oldenburg. This was to form part of the research for a future feature film. Unfortunately the P&O Ferries website wasn’t playing ball and kept throwing up errors. We looked up the number for phone bookings – the lines closed at 9pm. It was 9.15pm by this point.

We didn’t make it to France.

So, instead we made alternative arrangements to travel to London to check out a couple of museums.

By the end of the evening I had a terrible migraine so headed to bed. I was awoken early Wednesday morning by men with hammers on my roof. Bearing in mind my head was still quite sore the last thing I wanted to hear was constant banging for four hours as I was trying to sleep off this migraine.

I must point out that they weren’t random guys just deciding to climb on my roof and start hammering the roof tiles. We’d been expecting them since October to fix the leak but they conveniently chose to arrive and make a noise when I needed sleep the most.

I got up.

While waiting for Steve to arrive I thought it would be a good opportunity to print out the voting sheets for the upcoming Hellfire Short Film Festival. I have the wrong bloody paper! Cue a dash into town to buy paper from Wilkos. I arrive back home and start the printing. After five sheets the printer has a bit of a strop and decides to print at a snail’s pace. Almost an hour to print out 20 double-sided sheets. Sadie later informs me that the printer doesn’t like printing documents straight from Google Docs. Temperamental, much!

I get a text message from Steve. He’s just getting his hair cut and then he’ll be here. Perfect, that gives me time to have a cuppa. Then two cuppas. Then three cuppas. Finally I get a call from Steve. His car has broken down and he has to wait for the RAC recovery. Several hours later and he’s finally arrived. At 4.45pm.

To late to go to London now. Instead we went to McDonalds and had an impromptu production meeting.

And now I have another headache.

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