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Making Television History in the New Year

2020 mark’s my 23rd year as a filmmaker. In this time I have been involved in dozens of film, television, commercial and other projects. Admittedly I don’t have a great deal to show for it but hopefully 2020 is the year this all changes.

Some of you may know that 23 is my favourite number. I even named my production company TwentyThree Television, so this year, my 23rd in the industry, must be a good omen for me. I certainly need some good in my life after the year I’ve had (see previous blog post). The start of the good is the TV series I’m working on.

Making Television History

For over twenty years I’ve been a fan of a television series called “Two’s Country” presented by the late great Tim Grundy. I used to skip college classes just to watch this amazing series on what used to be called Discovery Home & Leisure channel. Such an impact this show had on my life I am now paying homage to it with my own new television series “The History Guys“. I hope I can do it justice and it honours the memory of the great man Tim Grundy.

In “The History Guys” I travel around Europe with my trusty cameraman, who shall only be known as Silent Steve. Together we discover the fascinating history of the different places I visit. I’ve already started shooting the first episode, in Dunkirk, France, and further episodes will be shot over the coming months. It is the plan, once a full series is produced, to sell it to a TV station. If that fails it will be made available online.

I’m also involved in three movies right now. Two are war films and one is a found-footage paranormal horror. These will all hopefully be completed this year and then I can fully concentrate on a second series of The History Guys and then my own movie, a Western drama called The Lawman Legacy.

So a very busy year for me (health dependant) and one I am very much looking forward to.

Happy New Year!!


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