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Everybody needs a Sadie

An interesting thing happened today. I made a call to the Sky call centre as I’m very unhappy that they keep increasing their prices. Needless to say I needed Sadie to rescue me (and my wallet!)

The “new normal” but what was the old normal?

I have been fortunate in my life since moving to Folkestone with my wife in 2013. In between the filming work I have supplemented my income with a few day jobs. These range from being a barista, waiter and more recently duty manager in a theatre. But the past two years have been difficult for a number of reasons.

I kicked cancer’s ass

Today I’m very happy. In October 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, or more specifically a rare and incurable type called Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma. I underwent six months of chemotherapy and came out the other side in complete remission. Today I am still in remission.

Lockdown Blues Part Three

Here we are in the third week of the third national lockdown. For the third time another period of time being stuck indoors with nothing better to do than twiddle the thumbs and watch endless reruns of The Walking Dead, Z-Nation, Friends, Humans, Star Trek and Nashville. Oh, and that inauguration.

Life Imitating Art

It has been the strangest of times recently. I say recently but I actually mean for over a year the world has turned upside down. Life imitating art. Has the world been reading Stephen King’s The Stand?